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I've been meaning to come back to my blog for ages!!  Life, books, television and domestica get in the way and I haven't been on here even though I'd planned to blog this photo some time ago.  So, having refreshed the look of the blog, back to it:

When I was but knee-high to a tabby cat, my parents had the most wonderful atlas.  It was huge!  It was a good 60 cm high by 30 cm or more across and quite thick. That's not just me looking back at it through the eyes of a child, although I  remember having looked at it when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  I know that because we lugged it around various RAF stations until (a) it was falling to bits and (b) it was given to me when I left home (which is how I know it really was that size).  I eventually binned it when it had totally disintegrated. 

I really do wish that I'd kept some of the pages but the actual atlas was fairly much obsolete by then, and that was before - for example - the break up of the USSR!  That's …

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