Sous le pont du Luxembourg

This was December 2007 and this was a weekend in Luxembourg plus a trip to Trier in Germany, built around Christmas markets.  We loved Vianden, the village we were staying in – gorgeous scenery and charming architecture. 

One of the highlights of the weekend was a half-day in Luxembourg City, dropped off and meeting up near the Gëlle Fra (Golden Lady) Monument of Remembrance.  This overlooks this dramatic steep valley carved through Jurassic sandstone by the River Pétrusse; the city's geology trail runs through the valley.  The floor of the valley is at the base of the sandstone, where it meets a marl formation.  This is geology on a landscape scale and if we're ever there again, with a more flexible schedule, we'll explore it. 

My Other Half had very recently bought us a new camera each – our first digital ones, which we are still happily using now.  We had taken a few silly photos at home to try them out, but this was their first proper outing so we were just learning how to use them, and not for instance used to being able to take as many photos as you liked.  When we downloaded the photos onto our computer after we got home, we were stunned by the sheer detail of some of the photos we took.

To set the scale of this oneThe main arch of the bridge, which was built of local stone in 1903, is 84 metres high.  The Pétrusse is just a narrrow ribbon from the upper city, made even more difficult to see by the trees along its banks.

One of the abiding memories of the weekend is that when you live in a flat city, one that has three dimensions like Luxembourg is a real treat! 

Edited to add:  I have just changed the title of this post back to the one I originally thought of.  I just know that a certain song will be going around my head for days now.  Sorry if you have been notified of this post twice.


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