Green in November

I am sure that when I was a Very Small Person, and in the years we were UK-based, all the leaves had fallen from the trees by the end of October and it didn’t get warm until May. The weather seems to have done some weird things as I’ve got older.  Mind you, after twice coming back from warmer climes to cold Aprils here, it was no wonder England didn’t feel warm!  

There are times when weather, light and colour just combine to perfection.  Here’s an example:  I was wandering around the cloisters of Peterborough Cathedral before Evensong on a glorious early November afternoon last year.  The different greens of these trees (in November, mark you!) against the blue of the sky and the limestone of the Cathedral caught my eye – the combination was really striking, and it is one of those images that will stick in my mind for a long time.  Out came the phone – I am really pleased with the camera on my current one (Samsung S4).  Hence my mentally comparing it to the Blackberry it replaced and which took the photo in my previous post.  It does feel as though I always have a decent camera with me now even when my Finepix is at home and I’m not.  The phone camera has come in handy on a number of occasions and I dare say that more pics taken on it will end up on here.  It seems to be just fine for lots of shots!

Oh - and just to say that this pic is currently my wallpaper - it works really well at  1600 x 900 px.



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